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Basic Overview Of Health Insurance For Foreigners

China is a very popular choice for expatriates who more often than not are moving there for work and to pursue excellent career opportunities. It has been reported that there are just under a million expats living in China, most of whom are living in big cities. Most of the cities in China offer excellent food, culture, and excitement, but many expats also live in the countryside and enjoy the natural beauty that China has to offer health insurance for foreigners.

 There are also a lot of digital nomads living in China, who may work remotely for an employer in China or for a foreign company abroad. Know the available options for Insurance coverage for expats in China. However, one of the biggest concerns for foreigners living in China is how they will be able to access medical care. Medical assistance in China is available through public or private hospitals, but most expatriates will avoid the public facilities because they often cater to local nationals or are of poor quality.

If you need medical help at a hospital, do you really want to go to a hospital that is not up to Western Standards when your life is at risk? Probably not. Most expats in China will seek medical care at one of the many excellent private clinics or hospitals, especially in the big cities. While you may think that accessing private medical care is inexpensive in China, it is definitely not. Expect costs to be near what you would see in Hong Kong, Singapore or even the United States.

As you would expect, there are a lot of expat health plans that are available for expats living in the region and in China. While it may be tempting to seek a local plan in China, we primarily see foreigners seek a plan that will offer them coverage in China and globally – excluding or excluding the USA.  Most plans will cover in-patient care that is incurred in a hospital setting. You can also purchase optional outpatient care, wellness and vision/dental for your global health plan.

While you should be able to access excellent medical care in China, it still makes sense to buy the medical evacuation and repatriation plan option because you just never know when you might need this costly assistance while living in China, especially in the countryside. Therefore, it makes sense to talk to an expat insurance expert to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote for a global health plan via one of our preferred providers. There is no cost for having us as your expat insurance advocate for China and the premiums, coverage and direct contact with the insurer are the same.

Whatever your nationality as an expat in China, your health is obviously your most important concern for you and your family. Living in China can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, but there are also some negatives – such as poor sanitation, pollution, noise and congestion, and higher than average traffic accidents – all of which can impact you and your family’s health while living in China.